Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby sister...

Oh man...I just realized I haven't even written a blog about this baby...good thing she'll be here in just a few weeks and then we'll have pictures. :)
The other day while we were driving, the boys were having this conversation:
Bailey (4): Lewis! Aren't you SO excited to have a baby sister?
Lewis (almost 3): NO! I not excited, Bailey.
Bailey: Oh c'mon Lewis! It will be so fun!
Lewis: NO, Bailey. It not gonna be fun.
Bailey is clearly the optimist in the family. Lewis? Now, he's more of a realist. And a little more intuitive. I think he's realized that having a baby sister is not really going to pan out for him. We're letting Bailey live in ignorance just a little longer... :)

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha, even I wrote about Savannah before she was born. Geez. get on board mom. It was after she was born I forgot...OH and hurry up and get here precious girl!
xo Auntie